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   Nov 18


Please DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE the Behavior History and Consent forms (click on link).  Bring the completed forms with you to your appointment:



How long will the behavior consult appointment last?

Behavior consults usually last about two (2) hours. The first half of the appointment is spent reviewing your pet’s Behavior History. Dr. Schwartz will ask you to demonstrate basic handling techniques to better understand how you and your dog interact. She will consider the information you provide during the course of your visit and will ask additional questions to clarify your pet’s problem. When she has completed this process, she will explain your pet’s Diagnosis and the Treatment Plan. You will get a written Behavior Consult Summary, an outline of this information at the end of the visit, and so will your primary care veterinarian. For the address and directions to clinic locations (specified at the time you schedule your appointment), please click here.

Will I need a recheck appointment?

  • About 50% of behavior cases will require a second visit, and about 25% of them will need three or more over a period of a year or longer. It depends on what the problem is, how severe it is, and how well your pet responds to treatment. Some cases can be monitored by your primary care veterinarian once your pet’s treatment has produced stable results.
  • If your pet has an aggressive problem, particularly if it involves children, or is on psychoactive medication (prescribed previously by another veterinarian or by Dr. Schwartz) it will need to be closely monitored and a recheck appointment is important.
  • Medication cannot be refilled without a recheck with Dr. Schwartz as a precaution for your pet’s well-being.
  • Recheck appointments usually are between one to two hours long. Dr. Schwartz provides the best care possible for you and your pet; her time is devoted to making sure that you live happily ever after with your companion animal.


What Do I Bring to My Pet’s Behavior Consult?

  • Please DO bring your pet! Unless there are special circumstances that make this impossible, Dr. Schwartz does need to see both you AND your pet to properly diagnose and evaluate your pet over time.
  • Please download and complete the Behavior History Form as well as the Consent Form, and bring these with you to the appointment.  If you have taken any notes, please bring them, too.
  • If you have photos or video recordings of your pet’s misbehavior, Dr. Schwartz would certainly want to view them.
  • Medical records are usually not necessary, however, if your pet has had a significant illness or surgery relevant to their health or behavior problem, please DO bring medical records. Anything that you think is important to bring along probably is.
  • If your pet has been on medication for this or any other behavior problem in the past, please bring PILL BOTTLES with you so that Dr. Schwartz can make a note of it and consider why the medication may have failed and what other medication, if any, might be recommended to help your pet.
  • In some cases, laboratory tests and other diagnostics may be repeated or recommended at the time of your appointment to get precise updates on your pet’s health. This can be important to clarify a suspected underlying cause or to plan an effective treatment. Your pet’s lab results and consult summary will be shared with your referring veterinarian. If your pet is on psychoactive medication, repeating laboratory tests periodically is critical to proper management. We want to evaluate your pet’s health and tolerance to medication over time.


“A hundred years from now, it will not matter

the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was,

or the car I drove…but the world may be different

because I was important in the life

of the animals & the creatures on this earth.”

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