Now that you are ready to get help for your pet’s problem behavior, you are already that much closer to living happily ever after with your pet! House Calls are always best, and are required for at least the first visit. Telephone or Skype Consults (for residents of California, Massachusetts, and New York) are options for follow up visits or if you are not within travel distance. Please read the details provided on this page and then call (949) 342-6644 or email Dr. Schwartz at; she will call you back to answer any questions and to schedule your appointment. Appointment options and fees are described below.

Payment is by credit card, cash or personal check. To view the fee schedule or pay fees in advance, please click here.

Dr. Schwartz prefers to meet with you and evaluate your pet in person. It is not always necessary to see your pet actually displaying the problem behaviors (for example, a dog barking at the UPS man). You can describe your pet’s behavior problem during the visit or provide a video or photos on your cell phone to clarify details.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Sunday and some holiday appointments are offered for an additional fee of $200.

House Calls are the best way to get to know you and your pet in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Cats are best evaluated at home. Aggressive pets must be restrained securely.  The minimum travel fee for home visits is $100; the fee is determined by the distance traveled. Travel fees must be paid in advance of the house call. Please discuss this option with Dr. Schwartz prior to your appointment. Due to the nature of house call practice, your appointment may be delayed by traffic or weather conditions, and it may not always be possible to call in transit. Your understanding and patience are appreciated.

Laboratory Tests

If laboratory or other diagnostic tests are recommended, you will be referred back to your primary care veterinarian. Laboratory fees are not included in the consult fees. Please ask your veterinarian to forward lab results to Dr. Schwartz as soon as they are available even if they appear to be normal. Medication or alternative treatments cannot be prescribed without current laboratory results (generally within 3 months).

Clinic Appointments:

  • To view the fee schedule or pay fees in advance, please click here.
  • Clinic Appointments are offered on a limited basis at Paws On The Go (24310 Moulton Pkway, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 in Orange County; Thursday, Friday appointments only, availability is restricted by the facility). There is a $50 fee to meet at the clinic to cover the doctor’s travel and clinic charges in addition to the consult fee.

Telephone (or Skype) Consults may be the only option if you live outside of Southern California. Your description and pet’s history are enough for Dr. Schwartz to evaluate your pet. Please email any video file in advance of the appointment if you think this will be helpful. Laboratory tests may be recommended following your consult. Please ask your veterinarian to forward lab results to Dr. Schwartz prior to your consultation if they are already done, or as soon as they are available. Medication will not be prescribed or refilled without current laboratory results. If you are within travel distance to a clinic consult, telephone consults regarding aggressive pets may not be offered at Dr. Schwartz’s discretion.

The Consult Fee for the first visit (typically 2 hrs) is $475. If a follow up visit is needed, it is usually scheduled about 6 to 8 weeks later and is $425. Further visits may be required ($375), but will be 3 to 6 months apart or 6 to 12 months apart depending on your pet’s problem and individual progress. The annual recheck is $375. There is no additional fee for phone calls, emails, or contact with your primary care veterinarian or other specialists regarding your pet’s case.

An Additional Pet Fee of $275 (in addition to the Consult Fee for the first pet) applies if there is more than one pet involved in the same problem. This fee is necessary because treatment of multiple pets are more complicated and typically require more communication between scheduled appointments.

Overtime Fee is required for consults that run longer than 2.5 hours. The overtime charge is $100 for each additional hour above the 2 hour consult time slot.

Prescriptions are called in to the pharmacy at the time of each appointment; refills will last only until the next recommended or scheduled visit. If the prescription expires before the follow up visit there will be a $50 fee to extend it and only if the follow up visit is scheduled.

When is Payment Due? Deposits to confirm house call (travel fee is your deposit) or clinic appointments ($100 minimum) must be paid within 24 hrs of scheduling (see above). The balance of house call or clinic appointments are due at the end of your consultation (check or cash preferred).  Telephone or Skype consults must be paid in full before the appointment, at the time of scheduling. Please discuss the fees with Dr. Schwartz before making any payment. To view consultation fees, click here.

A discount of $25 from the 1st visit (check or cash payment requested to qualify for discount please) is available for:

            • Seniors 65+
            • Military families (active duty)
            • Single parent families (elementary school)

To begin, first schedule your appointment and discuss your fees with Dr. Schwartz. To pay your clinic consult deposit, your telephone consult, or your home visit travel fee, please click here or go to the Secure Online Payment page in the Consults section. Any balance is due in full at the end of the visit. Thank you!